Exhibition of Omnis – Graphic Design Students: Heroes and Art

Graphic Design

“Does culture belong to everyone?” is the basic question of today’s exhibition. The answer is given on two levels.

Students of the second year of the Media Production – Graphic Design module held an exhibition as part of their project work in graphic design, which was on display at the Maribor Youth Cultural Centre (MKC Maribor) on Friday, 16 June.

The first level is immediately visible – we have created an exhibition that everyone can approach and understand. The artworks can be seen and touched, understood through sign language. The exhibition features the work of young, less visible artists from the Podravie region. Maybe this event is a step for them towards the visibility of their works in the Slovenian cultural environment?

The second level of the story is inclusivity, which refers to our desire to show the process of creating a space that is accessible to all. The process includes the knowledge that the second year students of the Graphic Design programme of the Academia Higher Professional School have acquired about the application of the principles of universal design. It demonstrates a design process based on research, conceptualisation and design. Today’s event is our attempt to unite a society based on stratification.

Authors of the exhibition Ines Goričan, Lucija Macuh, Matej Vicman (who collectively called themselves “Omnis“)

Mentor support: Sara Božanić, Marko Pejović

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