Branding when expanding your offer

Graphic Design

Študent: Manja Slavinec

Manja Slavinec is a graduate of the Media Production study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in September 2022.


Diploma paper Manja Slavinec

In the diploma work we discussed the design of the brand while expanding the offer in the company Amore Sandys Yakutian Laika kennel. The brand will help the company enter the market, address the target group and successfully present new services and products.

Amore Sandys Yakutian Laika kennel is a company that presented itself on the market only by selling pedigree Yakutian Laika dogs. This activity represented the only source of income. With the expansion of the offer in the direction of selling products made of dog wool and hiking with dogs, it is necessary to create a brand that will represent the new products on the market.

The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part we investigated the essence of the brand, its characteristics, the method of registration and division.

We also placed great emphasis on the sustainability of the brand, reviewed examples of good practice (Pedigree dog food), researched and determined the target group and studied the competition. We created two personas who represent customers in the company who participated in our questionnaire.

We got to know the company well studied it and based on that we determined the appropriate vision and position slogan. We described the process of creating a logo and explored the importance of typography.

We have looked at the basics of proper packaging, which is of great importance when presenting a brand. In the theoretical part, we also researched the history of Amore Sandys and described their beginning on the market. We described the Yakut Laika breed and determined the importance of services and products in the company.

In the practical part, we designed an appropriate graphic image of the company, which will support and help new products and services when they enter the market. The process of thinking or of brainstorming with various sketches.

The colors, typography, layout, pattern and negative of the logo are shown, which will represent the new form of the company and is therefore a very important factor. We implemented the newly created logo and pattern on various printed materials, such as letterhead, business cards and envelopes.

We also placed it on wool products and on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. In the end, we placed the new image on promotional products such as clothing (caps, t-shirts), cloth bags and gift bags.

Diploma paper Manja Slavinec


Diploma paper Manja Slavinec

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