Commercialization of sales and cost of maintenance and use of electrical Vehicle


Študent: Tadeja Draksler

Tadeja Draksler is a graduate of the Economist - Commercialist module study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in April 2024.


Diploma paper Tadeja Draksler

The purpose of the thesis is to present electric vehicles and check how these vehicles are sold on the market. The purpose was also to present how electric vehicles are used what the costs are for their maintenance and at which charging stations they can be charged.

As the cost of vehicle maintenance increases every year, customers are looking for alternatives to replace the use of motor fuels. This is how electric powered vehicles began to develop – powered by an electric motor, which use electricity stored in the vehicle’s batteries for their operation. In this type of motorized vehicle, an electric motor replaces an internal combustion engine.

This type of vehicle is called an electric vehicle, although in this sense only the type of motorization in the vehicle is meant. Since the development of electric vehicles began more than a decade ago, the price of such a vehicle is still quite high, and charging the battery in the vehicle is no longer free.

Also, the aim of the thesis was to present what is needed for the maintenance and servicing of electric vehicles. For any more advanced vehicle, especially electric, it’s also necessary to have enough advanced technology to identify faults on the vehicle and as well as for proper servicing.

In the theoretical part of the thesis, we described the entire history of electric vehicles and their composition and the types of charging stations where electric vehicles can be charged. The sales of electric vehicles have grown but many people are not happy about buying an electric car.

Both salespeople and mechanics need to attend training on electric vehicles, because the technology is evolving and new models are coming to the market. Companies need the latest equipment and knowledge for good service and correct diagnosis.

In the practical part, we made a survey with some car drivers and we found out what they think about electric vehicles and if they would decide to buy them if they don’t have them yet. Most the buyers think that electric cars are not good for them because they don’t have a station at home or in the near of their home.

Electric vehicles don’t have so much range as other cars that they are not electric, that is why buyers don’t buy that many electric vehicles.


Diploma paper Tadeja Draksler


Diploma paper Tadeja Draksler

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