Comparison of the javascript library React.js with the javascript framework Angular

Software Computing

Študent: Matic Kerec

Matic Kerec is a graduate of the Computer Science - Software Engineering module study program at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in July 2024.


Diploma paper Matic Kerec

The thesis examines the differences between the JavaScript library React.js and the JavaScript framework Angular, with an emphasis on their practical value. It encompasses the creation of two comparable web applications using both tools and a review of the performance of both technologies in handling Big Data.

I reviewed the learning curve, accessibility of learning resources and online courses, community support, and the complexity of each tool.

The thesis focuses on different methods of data storage. It presents two data storage approaches with an emphasis on handling large amounts of data (Big Data). We also compare the SQL and NoSQL database types in the context of their use for Big Data and compare which would be a better choice for working with Big Data.

Additionally, we presented and compared two leading JavaScript technologies, React and Angular, which was also our main goal. Through comparative analysis, we identified the strengths, weaknesses, and comparability of both frameworks in various contexts, such as efficiency, speed, and user experience.

We also focused on their performance in handling large amounts of data (Big Data), providing a comprehensive insight into their capability and adaptability in addressing complex data challenges.

As part of the research, we also focused on the role of Big Data in the context of application development in React and Angular. We explored its definition, various data formats encountered when working with large amounts of data, and addressed challenges related to their speed and processing.

We specifically analyzed how the React and Angular technologies can be adapted for efficient processing and visualization of large amounts of data. We found that both environments can enable effective use of Big Data, with the choice between them depending primarily on the specific requirements of the project and the developers’ expertise.

In the conclusion of the thesis, we developed two applications for presenting Pokémon, one built in React and the other in Angular. The main objective of the research was to compare the functionalities, efficiency, and user experience of both applications and to determine which platform is more suitable for developing such applications.

Finally, we conducted measurements to help us evaluate which application performs better in various aspects such as speed, responsiveness, and ease of use.


Diploma paper Matic Kerec


Diploma paper Matic Kerec

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