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Študent: Ana Nicol Ropoša

Ana Nicol Ropoša is a graduate of the Media Production study program at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in May 2023.


Diploma paper Ana Nicol Ropoša

The degree paper, entitled Guidelines for Creating an integrated graphic image for a modern beauty studio, was born out of a desire for new knowledge and out of curiosity about what it takes to create a company’s image. I will find out whether newer approaches and trends in creating an integrated graphic image affect the climate crisis.

The overall graphic image is the visual part of any company’s image and consists of several elements. In my assignment, I will describe the elements that make it up and the process of making these elements. In the diploma thesis, I will combine the theoretical and practical parts in individual chapters. So, the practical part will be related to the theory, which I will explain through the completed research from the literature.

With my thesis, I want to present the vision of a beauty salon that I envisioned and would like to open in the future. The purpose of the thesis is to study the process of creating a new company, or beauty salon. I will prove whether competition in the market affects the increase of the climate crisis.

When writing my thesis, I will gain a lot of knowledge from researching good examples of integrated graphic images. This knowledge will be very useful to me in creating my image of the company, which I want to create and present in my thesis. In this beautiful studio, I want to combine in the range of services two concepts that are close to me, i.e. beauty and design/photography.

I want to realize the studio that I will present in my thesis in the future.

The studio would differ from other beauty salons in that it also includes various media services, such as photography, and various graphic products, which will be available on the website or in a physical store in the salon. I envisioned a way to help women feel beautiful in their own skin and preserve that moment forever.

She would offer various beauty services, including make-up, where she would make up the women and then capture that moment of happiness on camera. So, I would first emphasize their beauty with make-up to make them feel very special, and then capture it in photos that they could keep as a memory.

The photos will help their self-image, which is highly sought after in today’s world. I will describe the vision of the company in more detail in the selected chapter, and present the integrated graphic image created from the draft idea to the final realization in my diploma thesis.

Diploma paper Ana Nicol Ropoša


Diploma paper Ana Nicol Ropoša

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