Creating a website for a company in the wine-growing sector

Web Production

Študent: Natalija Zamuda

Natalija Zamuda is a graduate of the Media Production programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in May 2022.


Diploma paper Natalija Zamuda

The internet has become an increasingly important part of everyday life, almost unthinkable and the most common communication tool.

More and more companies have started to use websites as a business card to raise their profile. Websites can therefore also be defined very simply as digitised brochures containing the information we want to convey to users.

It is the simple and modern design of a website that can convince visitors that a company is trustworthy and, as a result, influence whether a visitor decides to use a product or service.

In this thesis, we have dealt with the creation of a website in the wine industry, in which all the steps are presented, from the design itself to the optimisation of the website.

The development of a website must therefore be started very deliberately, as it covers everything from the order itself and the project plans, project organisation, project structure plan, cost plans, analyses and all the way to the programming of the website.

In the area of design, it is necessary to pay attention and carry out a lot of analyses to ensure the sustainability of the website, as the use of colour combinations and graphic rendering can leave a strong impression on website visitors.

The primary objective is therefore to design a website that maximises the desired action of those who land on the website. The thesis consists of a practical and a theoretical part. The theoretical part briefly introduces the contents that are the basic starting point for the whole process of creating a website for the chosen field.

In the initial phase, the suitability of the website is examined with the client and the type of website to be developed is also determined. The content of the website itself is analysed, the colours and typography are determined.

However, the website itself must also be well optimised in order to increase sales and customer interest. Optimisation should be started from the very beginning, even before the website is built, as it allows the website to rank higher among the hits in the browsers.

This is then perfected at the very end, when the website has already been published on the web server, as it allows us to identify shortcomings with the help of various programmes, which can then be corrected.

A well-thought-out website can convince the user that the company is trustworthy, which leads to higher conversions on the site itself, and thus to higher sales and visibility.

Website appearance:


Diploma paper Natalija Zamuda


Diploma paper Natalija Zamuda

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