Design and manufacturing technology for towing tools

Mechanical Engineering

Študent: Gašper Kregar

Gašper Kregar is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in March 2024.


Diploma paper Gašper Kregar

In this thesis, the entire process from design to production of the final product is presented. Kovinarstvo Peter Porenta, s. p., with the purchase of a CNC milling processing center in April 2023, focused on the production of tools in-house.

This step led to the need for the development of new processing technology, tailored to specific materials. The methods include description, compilation, comparative method, deduction, and synthesis.

The aim of the thesis is the optimization of tools for the production of final products, reducing the number of production phases, and researching different metal processing technologies. Special emphasis is placed on adapting the technology according to the properties of the materials used.

Detailed 3D modeling of the tool using SolidWorks is described, including the specifications of individual components such as base plates, die, slider, external knife, and other parts. The focus is on adapting the design for two types of tools: a drawing tool and a cutting tool. The choice of materials for the tools is based on their physical and economical properties.

Tool steel 1.2379 is used for key components due to its high hardness and wear resistance, while other components are made from various materials, such as aluminum 5083, due to specific properties like low hardness and corrosion resistance. Various technologies such as turning, milling, drilling, grinding, and wire erosion are described. Each technology is chosen based on its suitability for certain aspects of tool manufacturing.

The practical application of various technologies is shown in the example of tool production. The emphasis is on using a CNC machining center combined with other machining techniques such as turning and grinding, and on solving specific challenges like jamming of pieces.

The task includes tool control, assembly, production of control drawings, mounting on the machine, and initial tests. Corrective measures that were necessary due to problems in the process are emphasized. The temporal, financial, and quality aspects of technology choice are analyzed.

The focus is on the effective use of the machine park, cost optimization, and ensuring the quality of products. The thesis demonstrates the importance of planning, analysis, and communication in toolmaking. The project has brought valuable experiences and highlighted the role of CNC technology in modern production.


Diploma paper Gašper Kregar


Diploma paper Gašper Kregar

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