Designing the cover of a musical story

Graphic Design

Študent: Laura Petrinec

Laura Petrinec is a graduate of the Media Production programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in June 2024.


Diploma paper Laura Petrinec

In my thesis, I researched the importance of graphic design in the world of music and, based on the research, designed a graphic cover for an author’s album. I analyzed successful covers from different times, genres and studied their development, then focused on the basic artistic elements in the context of cover graphic design and examined the importance of colors, typography, compositions and appropriate digital tools for the realization of the product.

Before designing the covers, I studied the technical requirements of printing and adapting the covers to different digital and physical formats, then defined the target audience in the message of the music album, and based on the inspiration, defined the visual elements that the cover needed to successfully convey the visual message to the audience.

Based on the developed concept, which I designed in rough form in Adobe Photoshop, I completed the design in Adobe Illustrator, where, using vector graphics, I designed individual elements and combined them into an imagined concept of growing up and self development. Since the album already had the first version of the cover, I studied the production, advantages and disadvantages of this particular one and sought to improve the new one.

Using the latest theoretical research and survey results, I embarked on the path of creating a design that takes into account not only the general principles of graphic design, but also the expectations and collective opinions of music lovers.

This is how I defined the relationships between music covers, the music itself, graphic design, and consumers. After designing the covers, I paid attention to the reactions of the audience and adjusted them accordingly based on comments and criticisms.

The research in the diploma thesis bears proof of the importance and positive influence of art and covers the importance and complexity of mixing musical and visual arts, which enrich each other in the world of art.

You can check the student’s product in the video below:

Diploma paper Laura Petrinec


Diploma paper Laura Petrinec

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