Designing the user experience and the interface of the online cosmetic store

Graphic Design

Študent: Tamara Kramljak

Tamara Kramljak is a graduate of the Media Production study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in October 2021.


Diploma paper Tamara Kramljak

User experience is the most important component of a successful business. A well-designed user experience ensures easy, fast, and intuitive use of the product to which users remain loyal with certainty.

By not following certain guidelines and rules of user experience, negative experiences develop that leave certain consequences. While using the Avon Slovenia online cosmetics store, I often felt anger and frustration.

While using it, I felt digitally illiterate due to the inability to determine how certain functionalities work. I have been trying to solve the problem of a bad user experience when using an online store for a long time.

The first part of the bachelor’s thesis is intended to explain the theory on user experience and user interface, key design principles, the selection of appropriate colors and typography, and the design process.

The bachelor’s thesis is based on the assumption that we can create a better user experience by following the principles of visual design, by researching users, and by making wire diagrams.

In the second part of the bachelor’s thesis, I found during the analysis of the company and in the research phase that the current online store Avon Slovenia is not intuitive.

The user has to think too much when interacting with the product about what a certain functionality performs. It takes too many clicks and steps to complete the purchase, which slows down the entire shopping process and causes unwanted frustrations.

Based on the data obtained, I tackled planning a better user experience. In the phase of empathy, I tried to deepen my understanding of the target groups and users for who I planned to redesign the product. Based on the information gained in the empathy phase, I grouped the problems and needs into groups and tried to find the essence of the users’ problems.

Then, I started looking for different ideas. By creating the wireframes, I initially used a pen on a piece of paper, drew up more ideas, and, finally, decided on the ones that I found most effective.

I later drew the selected ideas in the InVision program, which is intended for the production of digital wireframes. In the design phase, I designed a model of the product, the main purpose of which is to test how the final product would actually work and look.

Through the mentioned phases, I followed the theoretical frameworks and, thus, redesigned the online cosmetics store, thus improving the user experience and visual image.

Diploma paper Tamara Kramljak


Diploma paper Tamara Kramljak

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