Financial investments in company x

Accounting & Finance

Študent: Simona Čefarin

Simona Čefarin is a graduate of the Economics - Accounting module study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in June 2024.


Diploma paper Simona Čefarin

In my thesis, I focused on studying financial investments at company X.

I explored how different types of investments can contribute to increased profitability and market value of the company. In the theoretical part, I defined basic concepts and types of financial investments and explained their tax and accounting aspects.

The research is based on a descriptive method that included a review of relevant literature and analysis of secondary data on the financial status and investment strategies of company X.

In the practical part, I analysed the financial status of company X and their investment preferences. I focused on precious metals, ETF funds, and high-risk stocks, presenting their advantages and disadvantages. My findings show that effective management of financial investments significantly impacts the profitability and market value of company X.

I confirmed that the diversity of financial investments helps in reducing risks and improving the financial stability of the company.

Based on my findings, I suggest that company X and similar companies further develop their investment strategies, with a greater emphasis on ESG factors. This will not only improve their business practices but also contribute to sustainable development.

I recommend further research on the impact of global economic changes on financial investments, which will enable companies to better adapt and seize new market opportunities.

Through my research, I also deeply considered the role that financial investments play in the broader economic and social environment. I discussed how financial investments not only affect a company’s financial performance but can also contribute to achieving socially responsible goals, such as supporting sustainable projects or engaging in socially responsible investment practices.

I also addressed the ethical dilemmas that can arise in choosing investments, and the importance of transparency and accountability in investment decisions.


Diploma paper Simona Čefarin


Diploma paper Simona Čefarin

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