Graphic design for social media campaigns on climate change

Graphic Design

Študent: Nataša Ujlaki

Nataša Ujlaki is a graduate of the Media Production study program at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in April 2023.


Diploma paper Nataša Ujlaki

This thesis presents a comprehensive strategy for designing a social media campaign on climate change. The chosen overarching theme gave me the idea to collaborate with, a Slovenian e-sports gaming association. I designed the Sustainable Streaming Weeks project, which aims to see if we can use a campaign to positively influence people’s awareness of climate change.

To do this, I carried out an in-depth analysis of the history of social networks, algorithms, hashtags, and design. Networks have been evolving since the beginning of the internet and are quite different from each other, so we need to adapt to them.

Out of the whole set of networks, we designed specifically for Instagram and looked in more detail at its algorithm and hashtags. I found that hashtags affect the visibility of posts and that the correct choice of colours does not affect the sharing of posts, but the visibility of the company.

Climate change brings us various problems, from global warming to weather changes. People should live more sustainably to reduce their impact, but we often do not feel motivated. We are also intimidated by the media, which makes us not believe in the climate crisis or makes us feel powerless.

Younger generations are more interested in sustainability than older generations, so it is important that the campaign is targeted at them.

The beginnings of my interest in design started when I got the opportunity to write articles for I was given the freedom to design and this is reflected in the practical part of the assignment.

As I had worked for the company before, I was already familiar with the guidelines. I was handed Instagram analytics, through which I was able to come to the following conclusions.

With all the information successfully obtained, we developed a successful marketing strategy. I can confirm that by scheduling posts, we can increase the number of followers and increase the chance that the algorithm will show our posts more often. After all, we have achieved the main objective of the assignment, which is to have a positive impact on raising people’s awareness of climate change.

Diploma paper Nataša Ujlaki


Diploma paper Nataša Ujlaki

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