Optimisation of high-pressure valve manufacturing technology

Mechanical Engineering

Študent: Dušan Jovanović

Dušan Jovanović is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in February 2024.


Diploma paper Dušan Jovanović

At the beginning of the thesis itself, I will introduce you to the chosen topic or thesis at the Academia higher professional school. The chosen topic is “Optimization of high-pressure valve manufacturing technology”. My thesis pretty much has a key role in investigation, presentation, and features. The focus of the thesis itself is on the optimization of the high-pressure valve housing manufacturing technology.

At the very beginning, we will tell you what valve housings are and what their purpose is. The housing is the main part of the valve, which has components for regulating the fluid under high pressure. The high-pressure valve is especially used in the sectors of large industries dealing with gas, oil, energy, chemical industry, water, etc.

To achieve a safe and high-quality product, we also need new production technologies, which in my opinion also touch on the overarching theme of “DIGITALIZATION”.

By the aforementioned, the optimization of high-pressure valve housing production technology aims to demonstrate the rewarding of old methods with innovations due to the improvement of quality, efficiency, production time, and the price of the product itself in terms of time saved. The same optimization includes the use of modern methods: design, simulation, material selection and manufacturing process.

With the successful application of optimization, we get immediately improved performance results of a longer service life of high-pressure valves, and a reduction in production costs, thereby gaining a special place on the market and becoming a good competitor, or we gain an advantage over companies that are engaged in the production of these valves.

Overall, this thesis will show, but also help each of us to create a stylized process of optimizing one product. In our example, the optimization of the high-pressure valve housing production technology.

The results of the investigation itself can be of great significance for the industry and can be used as guidelines for further research and the application of new technologies in the production of several different products.


Diploma paper Dušan Jovanović


Diploma paper Dušan Jovanović

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