Place insurance and safety assurance in case of rescuing people from the ruins

Security Engineering

Študent: Martin Vrbančič

Martin Vrbančič is a graduate of the programme Security Engineering at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in May 2021.


Thesis paper Martin Vrbančič

I decided for the title PLACE INSURANCE AND SAFETY ASSURANCE IN CASE OF RESCUING PEOPLE FROM THE RUINS, because I am a professional firefighter and also a volunteer firefighter in my free time – a member of PGD PTUJ.

As a volunteer firefighter, I participate in interventions, as PGD Ptuj is a unit of wider importance and measures in all interventions (traffic accidents, work accidents, fires, rescue from / on water, hazardous substances and other accidents).

Rescue from rubble is one of the areas of technical rescue. For the successful work of units in rescuing from rubble, rescuers must be properly equipped, trained and organized.

The equipment and tools can be convenient for simple cases, such as can be found in almost every house and with which most rescue units in the Republic of Slovenia are equipped.

For more complex rescues, we need special tools and equipment – only some rescue units in the Republic of Slovenia are equipped with them. The training of rescuers refers to the expertise that rescuers have, experience, and physical and mental readiness, as rescuers often encounter stressful situations in their work.

Last but not least, rescuers must also be properly motivated for their work. The organization of protection and rescue forces is also one of the foundations for the successful work of rescuing from the rubble.

Rescue from rubble is a very dangerous job and also very difficult, as rescuers face many dangers in their work, such as mechanical damage, fire, electricity, water, gases and contagion, but at the same time they must take care of the safety of victims in the rubble so they do not further damage them.

Rescue from rubble is a demanding job that requires patience and precision.

Like the work of rescuing from the rubble, the work of security guards in private security is becoming more demanding and diverse day by day. As well as labour standards, and tightening legislation, which requires increasing reliability of private security processes.

The financial crisis has certainly contributed to the tightening of working conditions in the private security sector. Not only have clients of private security services streamlined the scope of security services, but they are also increasingly aware of the content of the costs they incur with security guards. with protection.

Thus, security guards are given increasingly demanding tasks in which they must demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Therefore, I am even more convinced that we should have staff in private security with the appropriate education in view of the required work in the field, where the current primary school education required by the Ministry of the Interior at present certainly is not adequate.

Thesis paper Martin Vrbančič


Thesis paper Martin Vrbančič

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