Preparation of a daily TV news programme

Video Production

Študent: Domen Mlakar

Domen Mlakar is a graduate of the Media Production programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in August 2022.


Diploma paper Domen Mlakar

The thesis describes the complete preparation of a daily infomercial television programme. Information is given from the characteristics to the post-production process. The daily news TV show was created out of a desire to try my hand not only at filming and editing but also as a graphic designer and sound engineer. It is an upgrade of my existing knowledge.

I was assisted in my project work by Ptuj Television – PeTV. The role of a journalist in the thesis was given to professional journalist David Breznik. David arranged the terrain and prepared a short scenario. I called the daily news programme Sveže Novice on my fictional television station called DMTV.

The show consists of an intro, announcements, a television programme and an outro with a credit roll. There are four announcements and four television programmes. The process of making the show consisted of the standard stages of the video production process, i.e. pre-production, production and post-production.

In the course of the thesis, I have managed to realise all the objectives and I have also confirmed all the hypotheses. The assignment confirms that studio work is both very different from, and at the same time interconnected with, fieldwork.

The daily news programme lasts almost 14 minutes. There are four television programmes.

The first television programme relates to the extension, reconstruction and energy renovation of the Mladika Primary School – Phase 2. The other television programme is from Podvinci Volunteer fire Brigade.

The third television programme is the 14th Roman Games. The fourth television programme is Conservation and restoration procedure. The filming took five days, while the whole process took a month and a half.

Within a month and a half. The journalist and I managed to align our schedules. Then we went to the field to shoot, followed by a studio shoot. The editing went smoothly thanks to a good script. The only slight complication I had was with the graphics, which I am not that good at.

The process of the whole process of a daily news programme helps us to understand how what way and what are characteristics of the production of a daily news television programme.

Throughout the process, we realise that quality content requires a much bigger team than just a journalist and cameraman or editor-cameraman.

You can watch the recording of the Sveže Novice programme in the video below:

Diploma paper Domen Mlakar


Diploma paper Domen Mlakar

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