Production of a screenplay formed on research methodology

Video Production

Študent: Gregor Zorič

Gregor Zorič is a graduate of the Media Production programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in September 2021.


Diploma paper Gregor Zorič

Since the beginning of human existence, humans have experienced hardship due to the struggle for survival and a constant, dreadful feeling that extinction is imminent. When we are faced with these kinds of truths, life becomes simpler to understand.

In the past, we held existence dear to us and were more in tune with nature. Since the first civilizations, we had to learn and adapt. At first, we were Pavlovian creatures on repeated, redundant quests and tasks that are now almost forgotten.

Yet some ideas still resonate with us today. With the archetype of the human condition practically unchanged, some truth seekers find themselves embarking on a spiritual path, making the past, future, and present conscious.

This path has similarities to cravings for basic elements of survival that, on a superficial level, most are familiar with (the need to breathe, thirst, hunger, tiredness, and the feeling of belonging). The longing I am talking about is a longing for purpose and uncompromising truth of expression.

Since the birth of the universe, everything had an assigned role. From a mechanistic worldview, the cosmos had exactly the right components to make everything work, to create a story. It had the perfect apparatus.

But even this apparatus must have a purpose, which surely serves a bigger picture than ‘the rational’ could explain. If it did not have such a purpose, the apparatus would not continue to propel. ‘The rational’ had to have some internal logic, despite a contradictory and doubtful reasoning behind it.

It just works nonetheless. We could consider humankind as such an apparatus.

As human beings, we must be cautious and responsible as all came from ‘the abstract’, manifesting ‘itself’ into ‘the tangible’. The knowledge and impressions that we have so far were shaped over billions of years of complex universal processes and infinite variables of active evolvement, none of which reproach us because we have been part of the process.

Most important indicator of the qualities present in a human being is how consciousness experiences itself, which is a reflection of its perfect design. Collective consciousness was born with the initial sentient beings and proceeded to evolve within humanity.

We found a reason to explore the universe inside ourselves, and through storytelling our wisdom expanded. In the past, many civilizations held their ancient knowledge within secrecy, refining storytelling through symbolic messaging and innate, profound moral lessons.

Art was born. It is no coincidence that the purpose of art has always been to make abstract ideas perceptive, finding its place and purpose.

And the art form that I will be discussing in this assignment is the art of film, particularly screenwriting.

Diploma paper Gregor Zorič


Diploma paper Gregor Zorič

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