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Video Production

Študent: Urban Jurij Kozel

Urban Jurij Kozel is a graduate of the Media Production programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in September 2021.


Diploma paper Urban Jurij Kozel

The diploma thesis describes the topic of YouTube vlogging. The characteristics, history, the underlying reasons for origination and the goals of vlog and the personality of a good vlogger are described.

I have focused on the pioneers of vlogging, the process of vlogging, what is the typical technical equipment for filming vlogs, what is the impact of technology, what are the recording techniques and strategies of filming myself and how do vlogs contribute to the fact, that vlogging has become increasingly popular in its own right.

Its popularity has been noticeable for quite some time in various countries such as the US and the UK.

The vlog has started to become more and more popular and commercially interesting in Slovenia as well, but it is not yet a “niche market” for making profit or becoming the main source of income.

In my diploma thesis, I focused on the marketing and the distribution of the vlog, because when we have a large enough number of subscribers and views on YouTube, we can start generating income from vlogs.

That is why in my diploma theses I delved into what are the requirements and earning opportunities. I focused primarily on the four most recognizable types of vlog marketing, such as:

Google AdSense, an advertising program that allows you to make money with content on blogs, websites, or videos on YouTube; merchandise, which are niche products intended exclusively for the most loyal fans (the higher the growth of the channel’s viewership, the more popular the vlogger is, and consequently fans will buy more).

The YouTube Partner Program, which allows a vlogger to monetize their content with advertising revenue; and product promotion and paid endorsement, when the vlogger reaches a large enough audience which follows him regularly (that is when the possibility of sponsorship often arises as a large audience attracts businesses).

In the thesis I placed special emphasis on the comparison of good and bad practice as a “case study”, where I compared the goals and strategies and performances of two American vloggers, Emma Chamberlain and Kattis, and the response of viewers to their vlogs.

An important part is also the interview with Slovenian vlogger Žaklina Krejič, with the help of which I tried to get a better picture of Slovenian vlogs.

I learned from the interview that vlogging in Slovenia is more fun with marketing and distribution (product presentation) than a source of income, with which vloggers from the USA and the UK make their living.

Diploma paper Urban Jurij Kozel


Diploma paper Urban Jurij Kozel

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