YouTube channel monetization

Video Production

Študent: Tilen Zupanc

Tilen Zupanc is a graduate of the Media Production programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in November 2022.


Diploma paper Tilen Zupanc

The thesis extensively presents the monetization of the YouTube channel, how it works and how to enable it. Examples of earning through monetization are described, which thresholds are needed to be crossed and how to get as much profit as possible in a short amount of time. Since monetization requires registration, I also researched how to best organize a YouTube channel so that we can successfully register.

In the beginning, YouTube and its monetization history are described. YouTube Studio, which creators use to analyze and review their channel, is described in detail. In the studio, we have several tabs in the menu, each one is described as to what it is and we also have a tab on monetization.

For my thesis research, I started posting videos on my YouTube channel to come up with the final analysis on the most optimal process for YouTube channel success. For monetization registration, we need to reach 1,000 subscribers and have valid 4,000 watch hours in the last year, which is quite difficult, especially in the beginning. So I tried to find as many solutions as possible, what kind of videos attract the audience the most, how the YouTube algorithm works, and how the equipment works to reach that audience.

The registration process is explained step by step and what information we need for it. I also described the AdSense program, which needs to be activated if we want income. It is also necessary to follow YouTube’s policies and guidelines, otherwise, YouTube can block us from several monetization methods or even remove the account, in the worst case scenarios we also have to deal with the police. The thresholds that must be reached are described if we want to receive payment.

After successful registration, I described several different ways to monetize a YouTube channel, in more detail about ad monetization. I described how ads work, what types of ads are available to us and how CPM and RPM are forefront in understanding money making process with ads.

I did an interview with Slovenian YouTuber Beno Kunst to get an insight into the Slovenian YouTube scene from someone who has been active in it for a long time. Beno Kunst mainly publishes vlogs, which are quite a popular video format in Slovenia.

Diploma paper Tilen Zupanc


Diploma paper Tilen Zupanc

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