Project: “Aesthetic Tools”


In the second semester of 2020/2021, Academia students from every major had the opportunity to participate in the CBL class for Photography, subtitled “Aesthetic Tools”.

In this project the students followed lectures that examined photography as a visual medium, studying aesthetic approaches as part of history and visual culture, as well as discussing visual language and  how to artfully use it in photography.

It aimed at giving students interested in the medium the chance to understand their work, practice and develop their personal style, experience seeing the world as creators, and more importantly, to be consistent and aware of the images they create on a professional level.

In practice, the course not only included lectures, but a variety of tasks and exercises -in and out of the classroom- relevant to each topic studied.

It resulted in final projects which required students to utilize all their previously acquired knowledge of visuals, while also having the ability to interpret them in ways that worked best for their individual styles.

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