Giovanni Mercorillo on personal growth and international networking as part of the practical training at Academia

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Giovanni Mercorillo is a student of Cinematography and Media Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, Italy. From the beginning of October 2023, he has been doing his practical training as an Erasmus+ trainee at VSŠ Academia through the Erasmus+ student exchange.

Giovanni’s first month as an Erasmus trainee in Maribor was an extremely positive and rewarding experience. Maribor, with its mix of history and contemporary culture, made a great impression on him. The city’s picturesque landscapes, friendly locals and interesting culture created a charming backdrop for his Erasmus+ adventure. Every day brings new discoveries, from exploring the Old Town to enjoying local cuisine and attending cultural events. Maribor has lived up to his expectations in many ways.


“Academic staff and colleagues share their knowledge and support me in my daily tasks. Their passion for their professional fields is evident and their dedication and help in adapting to the new environment is greatly appreciated.”

Of all the experiences during his first month of practical training at the Academia, the one that stands out is the opportunity to be involved in the international Autumn Tech Shool programme, which took place at the Academia during his second week of internship. During this time, he had the opportunity to network with peers from other parts of Europe, which was a great source of inspiration for his future work, as he and Giovanni shared their unique cultural backgrounds, exchanged experiences and forged new friendships. In addition, the tasks assigned in this programme were very intellectually stimulating. The interdisciplinary approach to education broadened his perspective, allowing him to see his field of study from different angles.



Giovanni’s first month of Erasmus+ experience in Maribor was very inspiring, he says. He is happy and grateful for this opportunity, which has contributed to his personal growth and made Maribor his second home. He is already looking forward to the rewarding experiences to come in the next months of his exchange.

“I try to learn local customs, understand traditions and participate in Slovenian life. The warmth and hospitality of the Slovenian people make me feel very welcome in this beautiful country.”


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