Valentina Jović from the Academy of Technical and Artistic Studies Belgrade on practical education at VSŠ Academia

Software Computing

Valentina Jović is a student of Information and Communication Technologies at the Academy of Technical and Artistic Studies of Beograd (Akademija tehnicko-umetnickih strukovnih studija Beograd), Serbia. She is attending VSŠ Academio as an exchange student in the framework of practical training from the beginning of November 2023.


Valentina spent three months at VSŠ Academia, where she says her days were a dynamic period of personal and professional development. During her time at Academia, Valentina actively contributed to two influential EU projects: Costabex and D-challengHE. The Costabex project, which focused on the mental health of Erasmus students, provided key resources and fostered a sense of community. The D-challengHE project focused on digital innovation and empowering educators through courses on online teaching, emphasising the importance of continuous professional development. These projects highlighted Academia’s commitment to addressing different aspects of student well-being.

“Working on these projects has allowed me to connect with colleagues from different cultures. Our common experiences brought together different perspectives, creating a unique and collaborative atmosphere at the Academia that made our time together truly unforgettable.”

The friendly atmosphere at the Academia was another key aspect of her stay. Here she was not just a student, but part of a community where everyone was approachable and willing to help.

The location of the Academija in the centre of Maribor provided an excellent starting point for Valentina’s research. The city offered a mix of old and new, where historic architecture was elegantly blended with modern elements. A sense of authenticity adorns the city, making every corner, every cobbled street and every friendly encounter part of its unique charm.

Valentina also expressed her deep admiration for the strong connection between Slovenian culture and nature, the emphasis on environmental protection and the commitment to sustainable development. In her free time, she explored the various natural areas of Slovenia, enjoying the diverse landscapes the country had to offer.


“It is not just a place I have visited, but a destination that has sparked a sincere interest in furthering my education and exploring what this country has to offer.”

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