Aptitude test for applicants in the first enrollment round – 28 June 2023

3D Animation

Audio Production

Graphic Design

Media production


Video Production

Web Production

Dear prospective students,

In accordance with the prescribed admission procedure, you are hereby informed that candidates of the first application period are invited to take a special aptitude test.

You will demonstrate your talent in one area of your choice (photography or web production or graphic design or video production or audio production or 3D animation). You are advised to choose an area that will also be your elective module in the post-entry programme to demonstrate your interest.

Passing the aptitude test is a prerequisite for admission to the programme and consists of two parts:


In the first part, create a multimedia product with supporting documentation, which can be:

  • a series of photographs with a coherent content, or
  • a website, or
  • a product or series of products in the field of computer graphics; or
  • a video sequence – 1 min, you can also use a 1 min snippet from an existing video if you have one, or
  • an audio clip – 1 min or
  • 3D animation.

Please send the product together with the related documentation via WeTransfer to marjan.fridauer@academia.si no later than 25 June 2023 with the following file name: Last_Name_MP_23-24.

You will receive an email with the time of your test based on your submission.


In the second part of the test, on Wednesday 28 June 2023, you will present your product to the jury, demonstrating your creativity and insight. The defence consists of two parts:

  • a demonstration of how the product is made and a presentation of the product and
  • The presentation of the product, the presentation of the product and the expert interview.

For further information, please call us on 02 228 35 35 or email us at info@academia.si.

Detailed instructions and evaluation criteria

Invitation to the aptitude examination MP 23-24

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