Civil engineering students on a professional tour of the Novi vrtovi construction site

Construction & Civil Engineering

On Thursday, 11 April 2024, students of the Civil Engineering study programme, accompanied by their lecturer dr. Mojca Jarc Simonič, visited the construction site Novi vrtovi – Block H, on Robert Hvalec Street in Maribor as part of a professional excursion in the subject Buildings.

On Thursday, 11 April 2024, students of the Civil Engineering course visited the construction site Novi vrtovi, more specifically Block H, where the students and the lecturer gathered at 16:00. Safety and equipment were compulsory on the site visit.

Novi Vrtovi is one of the largest residential complexes in the city of Maribor, Slovenia. It is a modern residential development close to the city centre, designed with the comfort and quality of life of its residents in mind. The apartments in the complex offer different types of living, adapted to the different needs of the residents, from smaller apartments for individuals or couples to larger units for families. In addition, the complex also offers various common areas and services such as car parks, green areas, children’s playgrounds, fitness centres and shops, which further contribute to the comfort of the residents.

The completion of the work is scheduled for May 2025.

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