Discovering Maribor with Academia students of the Slovenian language course

Students from Academia spent the past week discovering the city of Maribor as part of their Slovenian language course with lecturer Nusa Slukan. The main activity of the week was a visit to the Maribor Art Gallery.

Despite their diverse tastes, all the members of the group shared a joy in exploring works of art, driven by the glow of discovering new artistic expressions and the stories they tell. For some members of the group, the visit to UGM was an opportunity to get to know the Slovenian art scene better. One of them admitted that portraits had always been foreign to him, but he was surprised by the sophistication and depth of the work of Zmag Jeraj, whose 1967 painting aroused his admiration. The black and red palette of colors expressed an inexplicable power that left the members of the group awestruck.


Other members were impressed by Metka Krašovce’s works and were particularly attracted by the painting “Cypresses” from 2008. The artist’s work created a remarkable symmetry with the water surfaces and carefully chosen motifs, which, despite the small deviations, attracted interest. With its harmony between natural elements and human figures, the painting led viewers to contemplate the role of humanity in the wider context of the world.

After an inspiring visit to the artworks at the Maribor Art Gallery, the group decided to explore other parts of the Old Town. Their route took them through Glavni and Grajski trg, where they admired the historic architecture and the lively city life. The tour ended with a walk along the Drava River, where the students took a moment to relax by its banks.

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