Guest lecture by Jožica Deržek Planinšek, Director of Accounting at Obzorje d.o.o.

Accounting & Finance

As part of the Financial Accounting course of the Economist programme, we hosted mag. Jožica Planinšek Deržek, Director of the accounting service and tax consultancy Obzorje d.o.o. 

The main topic of the guest online lecture was a presentation of the work of an accountant based on the lecturer Jožica Planinšek Deržek’s own experience. She described her career path, from the end of her studies to her first job, her own company. She has been working in accounting since 1984, and in 1993 she founded her own accounting firm. The company currently has 11 employees and 180 clients. The four most important factors for a successful accountancy are: morality, ethics, meeting deadlines and knowledge of accounting standards. The speaker then turned the floor over to her daughter Ksenija, who shared her experience of working for an international audit firm and stressed that being an accountant is a very dynamic and varied job.


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