Guest lecture by Aleksandra Lepenik, Director of ELPRO Lepenik & Co. d.o.o.

Accounting & Finance


As part of the course Organisation and Management of Enterprises in the study program Economist – Commerce module and Economist – Accounting & Finance module, we hosted Aleksandra Lepenik, Director of ELPRO Lepenik & Co. d.o.o.

The guest lecturer, Ms. Lepenik, introduced the company ELPRO Lepenik & CO. d.o.o., which has been providing customers with measurements of temperature, humidity, pressure, level and related quantities since 1991, as well as manufacturing temperature sensors and selling measurements and control technology from leading global manufacturers, thus providing safe, efficient and energy-efficient solutions. She went on to highlight the importance of family entrepreneurship, which, in her view, is a unique form of business, as it is based on the close bonding of family members and the sharing of common goals and values. As an experienced entrepreneur who grew up in a family business, Ms. Lepenik offered valuable advice to the students on the benefits and challenges of this type of business practice.

A special focus of the meeting was on the key roles of preparation and succession planning, which ensures the stability and continuity of the business in the future. The succession of a company to the next generation is a complex process that requires excellent communication, a clear definition of roles and responsibilities, and consideration of the company’s interests. She also encouraged the students to think about how to become actively involved in the handover process at an early stage.

The second part of the meeting focused on the topic of quality standards and quality management. The guest speaker stressed that quality standards play a key role in ensuring a company’s competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Effective process management, quality control of products or services, and continuous improvement are key elements of successful business management. Drawing on her own experience, she introduced the students to some of the most important quality standards to be observed in the modern business environment.

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