Guest lecture by Dr. Jure Vajs, Head of Strategic Programmes at Lek

Computer sciences

Within the Databases course of the Informatics and Computer Science study programme, we hosted Dr. Juret Vais, Head of Strategic Programmes at LEK. LEK is the first and oldest pharmaceutical company in Slovenia, where they develop, manufacture, and market biologic medicines for patients around the world.

In a recent guest lecture in the Databases course, Dr Jure Vajs, Head of Strategic Programmes at LEK d.d., shared his extensive experience and knowledge in the field of data management.

He covered several key aspects of the lecture, including an introduction to his work, his company’s projects and LEK itself. Dr. Vajs presented his career and current role at Lek d.d., emphasising the importance of strategic programmes in the development of the company and the optimisation of its operations, especially in companies dealing with pharmaceuticals.

He further highlighted the background and key aspects of LEK’s operations, including its role and importance in the pharmaceutical market. This was followed by a presentation of Sandoz Slovenia, a major player in the pharmaceutical industry, which operates under the umbrella of LEK. Dr Vajs highlighted the key achievements and strategic orientations of Sandoz Slovenia and its role in the market.

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