Guest lecture by Ivan Castellanos, Lecturer at the Technological University of El Salvador

As part of the Digital Marketing course of the Economist programme, in collaboration with the Technological University of El Salvador, we hosted Mr. Ivan Castellanos, a full-time lecturer at the Technological University of El Salvador, who focused his lecture “Positive results through the use of appropriate digital communication” on the importance of the individual’s creativity in the creation of a campaign.

The lecture focused on key concepts, which the lecturer used to present the whole ideology of a successful campaign based on successful digital communication. These concepts are: knowledge, change, attitude and behaviour. A campaign is already active before it is set up; a campaign first needs an idea, it needs a slogan, the timing of the campaign and the media through which the campaign is launched are also very important. The most important factor for a successful communication campaign is the awareness of the target group and the messaging, which has to present the objective and at the same time motivate the target group.

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