Guest lecture by Maja Modrinjak, photographer, television cameraman and videographer


As part of the course Project Work in Photography of the Media Production – Photography module of the higher education study programme, we hosted photographer Maja Modrinjak, who in recent years has also been improving her skills in the field of video as a television camerawoman and videographer.

Maja Modrinjak, a renowned photographer, comes from a family where both parents cultivated a special relationship with the message and aesthetic side of art. Thanks to her father, a well-known photographer from Maribor, she became friends with photography at an early age. She follows in his footsteps in the field of photography, while at the same time seeking her own insights. She is mainly involved in the field of visual communication in various artistic environments. She is attracted by the variety of motifs and different directions of photography, from authorial-artistic to reportage and sensationalist. Maja has already presented her artistic work in several group and solo exhibitions in exhibition centers in Maribor and elsewhere, and her creative oeuvre also extends into commercial photography. At the same time, she has been working in video production for several years. She is employed as a television camerawoman and camera operator.


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