Guest lecture by Uroš Žohar, CRM consultant about IT company Intera d.o.o., Ptuj

Network Computing

Software Computing

Within the Computer Science and Informatics courses of the Systems Engineering and Software Engineering modules, a guest online lecture was given by Uroš Žohar, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) consultant at Intera d.o.o. from Ptuj.

The guest lecture focused on the presentation of the IT company Intera d.o.o from Ptuj, which is developing its own Intrix system and is also one of the first companies from Slovenia to be a member of the Pledge 1% movement, an international network of successful companies that annually dedicate at least one percent of their resources to supporting the local environment. The company’s products and services were also presented, and a round table was formed where the speaker answered all questions and shared his experience in the company.

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