Head of the Vozim Institute Leonida Pevec

Media production

In the scope of the course Organisation and Management of Media Production of the higher education study program Media Production, we host ed Ms. Leonida Pevec, Head of the Vozim Institute, whose beginnings are related to traffic safety, but today they are active in the field of prevention in traffic and alcohol, youth work and social integration of people with fewer opportunities.


In the introductory part of the guest lecture, Ms. In the first part of the lecture, Ms. Pevec presented the Vozim Institute and discussed the project “No Blues, with a Cruzi Head”. The Vozim Institute aims to reduce road accidents and raise awareness about the importance of safe driving and the use of different means of transport. The Institute works through various projects, campaigns, and events that address different target groups, with a particular focus on young drivers and micro-mobility users.

In addition to promoting road safety, the Drive Institute also conducts research and analysis on road safety and cooperates with experts and institutions in the field of road safety. Their work also includes cooperation with schools, universities, and local communities to implement educational programs and activities that promote responsible behavior in traffic.

At the end of the guest lecture, Ms. Ms Pevec provided the students with interesting information and a starting point for the preparation of their upcoming projects. The students will create original multimedia products that will appeal to young people to use transport safely; choices will include an original podcast, promotional videos, communication campaigns, and other forms of creative products. Upon completion of the assignments, the students will be informed about the evaluation, which will be carried out by the team of the I Drive Institute. They will select the three best projects, which will receive special attention and recognition for their effort and creativity.

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