Helena Tajnikar, Senior Legal Adviser at ZZZS


Digital Marketing (HND) & Commerce (SCHE)

Helena Tajnika, Senior Legal Adviser at the Health Insurance Institution of Slovenia (ZZZS), visited us as part of the Business Law course of the higher education study program Economist – Digital Marketing & Commerce module and the Commerce module.

Helena Tajnikar, the Senior Legal Adviser at the Health Insurance Institution of Slovenia (ZZZS), presented the characteristics of the work of lawyers at the institution, highlighted the mission of ZZZS, and explained how it differs from other insurance companies. She provided an in-depth insight into the role of the lawyer in ZZZS, comparing it with the work of lawyers in other fields, revealing the rights to health services and cash benefits, and analyzing the link with legislation.

During the lecture, Ms. During the lecture, Ms. Tajnikar explained how ZZZS represents its interests in courts, which is crucial to ensuring legality and fairness in the health system. In the final part of the lecture, she highlighted some interesting statistics and examples of social disputes from practice, which gave the students a better insight into the complexity of the modern healthcare system. Special emphasis was placed on the “Health Network Quiz through Numbers”, which offered students an interactive experience and an opportunity to test their understanding of the topic.

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