Media production students visit RTV Centre Maribor

Media production

Students of the Media Production programme visited the public institution RTV Centre in Maribor as part of the Introduction to Media course, where they were introduced to the largest public television in the Republic of Slovenia by the permanent guest lecturer Mr. Dušan Tomažič.

“It is no exaggeration to say that Dušan Tomažič is one of the most recognisable voices of the Maribor Broadcasting Centre. He has been associated with radio and television for a quarter of a decade. Officially, he was first employed at Radio Maribor, and now 20 years of television will soon be behind him. His work for both media has always proved what was said at the award ceremony of the “Crystal Microphone” – the highest award for professional announcers: his distinctive speech is distinguished by excellent choral utterances, profound, thoughtful and convincing interpretation of a variety of texts, even the most complex ones.” – RTVSLO

Photos of the excursion by student Janin Vezonik:

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