Mile Nunić, expert in the field of public assembly security

Security Engineering

As part of the course Organisation of Transport, Interventions and Public Assemblies of the Security study program, we hosted Mr. Milet Nunic, an expert in the field of public assembly security. Mr Nunič is also the author and editor of several books, including The Law on the Protection of Public Order and Peace (ZJRM-1), The Law on Public Gatherings (ZJZ): with a Commentary and Public Gathering Security: From Start to Finish.

The lecture by guest lecturer Nunich focused on the regulation of private security and the legal provisions relating to public assemblies. Particular emphasis was placed on the key role of the organization of public gatherings, where we gained an insight into the different types of such events and the mandatory permits to provide security at them.

In the second half of the lecture, the lecturer gave a thorough overview of the whole process of organizing public gatherings, including the procedures to be followed, who has the authority to organize or run such events, and what duties and tasks fall on the organizers.

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