Simona Lobnik Ambrožič on the development and growth of relationships within work groups

Construction & Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Network Computing

Security Engineering

Software Computing

Simona Lobnik Ambrožič a professor of sociology and the Slovenian language, an expert in systemic psychodynamic organizational coaching, a lecturer and consultant for neurolingustic programming and relationship awareness theory methods for top CEO’s. She is a lecturer for leadership skills, communication and personal growth of individuals with more than 25 years of hand-on experience. She is the editor in chief of the magazine Direktor, which promotes constant growth and development and lifelong learning. She is also the CEO of the company EVRA.

Simona Lobnik Ambrožič held an online guest lecture during the course Business communication and management for the students of the study programmes Mechanical Engineering, Construction & Civil Engineering, Computing and Security Engineering on the process of development and growth of relationships within work groups.

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