Adrenaline sports filming techniques

Video Production

Študent: Alen Borak

Alen Borak is a graduate of the Media Production programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in April 2024.


Diploma paper Alen Borak

In my thesis, I delve into an overview of filming practices crucial in capturing extreme sports. The theoretical part of my work is an explanation of the history of sports films, with a focus on the development of extreme sports and their role in cinematic art. I’ve analyzed the evolution of filming techniques, highlighting their impact on narrative construction and audience perception and revealing how these techniques have adapted to the dynamic nature of extreme sports.

Furthermore, I analyzed diverse filming techniques employed in capturing adrenaline activities. I explained their characteristics, usage approaches, and their influence on the final visual experience. I centered my focus on a wide array of cameras and equipment used in these scenarios, detailing their capabilities and practical applicability in various environments and situations while filming extreme sports.

Continuously, I researched emerging technologies and innovations in the realm of filming extreme sports, emphasizing advanced methods and tools that might shape the future of this field. I also integrated my personal experiences and insights gained during filming to further complement the theoretical discourse and connect it with practical aspects of executing filming.

The practical segment of the thesis describes the process of filming a promotional video for the BMX association BSX Maribor and Quiksilver Big AirNightSession in Kranjska Gora. This section explains the execution details, employed approaches, and technology such as GoPro cameras, Crane systems, Red cameras, Quadrocopters, DSLR cameras, Skycam, and their integration and effectiveness in the practice of filming extreme sports.

I also conducted a comparative analysis of the viewership of two different video concepts, stationary video, and action video. Through an analysis spanning several months, I concluded the viewership or popularity of such video products.

You can watch the student’s product in the video below:

Diploma paper Alen Borak


Diploma paper Alen Borak

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