Business plan for the establishment of a private kindergarten

Accounting & Finance

Študent: Marko Treiber

Marko Treiber is a graduate of the Economics - Accounting module study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in October 2021.


Diploma paper Marko Treiber

Every serious businessman puts together a business plan before founding a company. In it he objectively considers all the inner- and outer factors, as well as short and long-term goals for at least three coming business years.

As a matter of rule, he also puts in elements of marketing, finances, production, personnel, accounting statements and so on. A business plan is meant for a variety of different people, from company management and employees, to bankers, risk capital partners, suppliers, advisors, and specialists.

Therefore, it is important the company’s business plan answers all core questions and problems. I have prior experience in the preschool education sector. I wanted to combine this experience with the acquired knowledge of economics and accounting.

Thus, I have decided to make a business plan for establishing a private kindergarten. In Slovenia, during the last few decades, we have been noticing a rise in the percentage of preschool children, participating in educational establishments, public as well as privately owned.

We have determined the number of privately owned kindergartens in Slovenia to be relatively small, since only about five percent of preschool children, who go to kindergartens, participate in privately owned establishments.

After researching the market of privately owned kindergartens, we found out that almost all of them have their capacities fully used and additionally keep waiting lists to accept new children.

It is clear to us that the parents find it very important having an option of a privately owned kindergarten (with alternative education methods, such as the Waldorf, Montessori as well as other Christian or non-Christian methods) in addition to a public kindergarten with a public curriculum.

The main part of the thesis consists of the business plan based on an actual case of establishing a private kindergarten.

In it we’ve analysed, compared, and shown data concerning private kindergartens in the Drava region. In the financial part of the business plan we’ve considered fixed costs, variable costs and expected income.

Later we’ve made projections, of the fundamental accounting documents, such as the annual balance sheet, business outcome record for the future four business years.

In conclusion of the financial part of the business plan, we’ve managed to prove long-term successful functioning of the private Institute, using accounting indicators of good management.

Diploma paper Marko Treiber


Diploma paper Marko Treiber

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