Change of marketing strategy in Company X


Digital Marketing (HND) & Commerce (SCHE)

Študent: Gregor Potočnik

Gregor Potočnik is a graduate of the Economics - Commerce module study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in April 2022.


Diploma paper Gregor Potočnik

In this thesis, we will explore how changing the marketing strategy will affect customers’ perception of our company as the best supplier and how changing the strategy model will make it easier for sellers to convince customers to make a purchase.

In the theoretical part, we first defined a B2B marketing strategy and a B2B marketing strategy in the service industry, as we want to present how a company in the manufacturing business should address the different marketing challenges and what the right marketing strategy should be for physical products and services.

We then used a marketing analysis to identify what we needed to fix in the company if we wanted to change our marketing strategy. The core of the thesis is the presentation of the VKPZ strategy. Where we talk about the problems that our customers face daily in the production process.

By asking the right questions and learning about their problems, we want to use our knowledge and experience to help them cope with them, by recognizing their needs and exceeding their expectations.

By using a VKPZ approach, we aim to put customers at the heart of all business processes by demonstrating that we can meet their needs and exceed their expectations. With the LIFE educational programme, we explain how it can be used to implement the new VKPZ strategy in all departments.

Under the central theme of change in the workplace (the impact of the global pandemic, working from home), we summarised this new reality. Due to the corona crisis, we are all beginning to realise that it is possible to work much more virtually than we thought before the pandemic broke out.

This had some negative effects, but in terms of sustainability it has had positive effects, with a significant reduction in the number of journeys and, as a consequence, in the amount of pollutants emitted. But as we have already seen, the pandemic had a short-term impact on the environment.

The research method chosen and used in the thesis is the in-depth interview. We interviewed ten clients and sales team.

We asked them questions to find out how the change in marketing strategy would affect customers’ perception of us, whether they see us as the best supplier and how the strategy has made it easier for sellers to convince customers to make a purchase.

We concluded our thesis with the findings we obtained using the mentioned research method. Finally, we also provided suggestions and guidelines for improvement, taking into account the change in marketing strategy.

Diploma paper Gregor Potočnik


Diploma paper Gregor Potočnik

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