Comparing Flutter and .NET Maui frameworks in regards to illegal dumping sites application

Software Computing

Študent: Benjamin Kamenica

Benjamin Kamenica is a graduate of the Computer Science - Software Engineering module study program at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in December 2022.


Diploma paper Benjamin Kamenica

Flutter and .NET Maui are frameworks that allow application development that can be used on several platforms. I’ve decided to develop mobile applications which can be used on the Android platform.

The goal of this thesis is to develop an application to help raise awareness among people about illegal dumping sites. I chose the most used frameworks which are Flutter and .NET Maui and compared them from a developer and user point of view. I also compared the workflows inside both frameworks.

First I did some research on mobile applications development, as well as the individual frameworks. I compared the frameworks and learned the programming language. I also looked into illegal dumping sites and prepared a plan for the necessary application functions which would help solve the illegal dumping sites problem.

The first step was to develop an application, using the Flutter framework. A programming language called Dart was used in this process. Then I implemented an application, using different free plugins.

They helped me with the implementation of sign-ins, registrations, maps, photography, etc. For the Integrated development environment, I used Google Android Studio.

The next step was to develop an identical application in the .NET Maui framework. Since I know the C# language very well, implementing was easier, especially when it comes to writing the code. I only had issues because the framework is new, which means a lot of libraries and plugins are still not developed, are incomplete, or are inaccessible.

For that reason, I had to implement a few additional functions which are already defined in the Flutter framework, to get the desired results.

This way, I could test the application development in both frameworks and establish, which framework is more suitable for developers in my opinion. I also tested the functions of individual applications in different scenarios and the user interface which tells us in the end which application works better for an everyday user.

I have combined the results of the tests and the development experience into a coherent whole.

Diploma paper Benjamin Kamenica


Diploma paper Benjamin Kamenica

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