Comparison of online software frameworks and development of an online questionnaire

Software Computing

Študent: Patrik Štraus

Patrik Štraus is a graduate of the Computer Science - Software Engineering module study program at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in September 2022.


Diploma paper Patrik Štraus

In my thesis, I will focus on the creation of websites with the help of ReactJS, VueJS and Angular web frameworks, present their advantages and disadvantages, and summarize the overall topic related to working from home.

Ever since the development of the Internet, websites have been based in one way or another on HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies.

The first chapters of the thesis cover a brief presentation of the history of the development of web languages, their structure and what problems programmers faced 30 years ago, the need for their development and how they influenced the development of the most popular web frameworks that we know today.

The framework code is based on JavaScript in its variants (JSX, TypeScript). All building blocks are based on a similar mentality – create as much as possible with as little work as possible. This means that when creating web pages, it is based on the creation of components.

With the help of this, developers can reuse the code, which shortens their development time and enables more efficient testing, upgrading and maintenance of applications.

In the core part, there follows a description of the differences between one-page and multi-page applications, their advantages and disadvantages, the essential differences between them, and the overarching topic in which I describe how the COVID-19 epidemic has affected working from home, and what the future holds in this area.

Today, more and more developers decide to develop with the mentioned frameworks in their projects. ReactJS remains the most popular among them, mainly because of its extended JavaScript library, virtual document object model functionality, reusable components, and developer community.

In the conclusion of the thesis, I present the findings of the hypotheses and the process of creating the project assignment are presented.

Diploma paper Patrik Štraus


Diploma paper Patrik Štraus

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