Comparison of the useful value of the ReactJS library and the Vue framework

Software Computing

Študent: Rok Krajnc

Rok Krajnc is a graduate of the Computer Science - Software Engineering module study program at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in february 2024.


Diploma paper Rok Krajnc

There are numerous technologies available for developing the front-end of web applications. This thesis focuses on the ReactJS library and the Vue framework to determine which one provides higher utility. Such a comparison is valuable for businesses, fellow developers, and myself for choosing among them.

The nature of this research necessitates the creation of two comparable web applications, each built with a different tool. The initial step involved setting up and preparing the Visual Studio Code integrated development environment, where I could create the applications.

Subsequently, I conceptualized the applications, drafted sketches, and formulated an operational plan defining the content and functionality of the applications. The next stage encompassed the actual development of the applications.

Following the development, I compared the ease of learning each tool based on the availability of learning materials and online courses, as well as their communities and complexity. I found out that developers can learn using the ReactJS library faster. After this came a market research segment where, through comparisons of popularity, employment opportunities, and community support, ReactJS emerged as the stronger contender.

I then proceeded with system load measurements, gauging memory consumption and CPU load. Additionally, I conducted speed and responsiveness measurements. Since the applications are local on my computer, I served as both the host and the client, this necessitated the use of different tools for measurements (Windows Performance Monitor and Google Chrome DevTools).

My analysis revealed that the Vue framework consumes more resources, thereby placing a heavier burden on the system. With the speed measurements, I tried to find out which application loaded faster into various phases of usability. It was found that, at the baseline data volume, the ReactJS-built application takes longer to reach the interactivity phase, while at an increased data volume, it requires less time than the one in Vue.

Based on the measurements of the CPU load and the memory consumption, I established that the ReactJS application has greater potential for growth if the nature of the application remains unchanged and it only grows in data size.

This realization led to the conclusion that the ReactJS application operates more efficiently with Big Data. In summary, considering my findings, I conclude that the ReactJS library provides higher utility compared to the Vue framework. This conclusion is valuable for informed decision-making in selecting the appropriate technology for front-end web development.


Diploma paper Rok Krajnc


Diploma paper Rok Krajnc

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