Comparison of two sewerage systems in the Zakob – Zlatar agglomeration

Construction & Civil Engineering

Študent: Nasmir Hodžić

Nasmir Hodžić is a graduate of the Construction & Civil Engineering study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in December 2023.


Diploma paper Nasmir Hodžić

The basis for my thesis is the project Construction of two sewerage systems in the Zabok-Zlatar agglomeration. This is the construction of one of the major projects in Croatia, which is being carried out by CGP, d. d., a company from Novo mesto, where I am employed.

The construction of this system will bring enormous benefits to the entire district, especially in terms of improving the quality of life from an ecological point of view.
At the beginning of my thesis, I described the system of operation of the different sewerage systems and the general impact on the environment, as well as the things that influence the choice of suitable materials.

I have also researched the legislation on the construction of sewers and water supply systems. In doing so, I found that each sector has its own extensive legislation. Fortunately, most of these laws and regulations are nowadays available electronically. In the theoretical part I also described how and why it is important to choose the right team for a successful job, and which personnel are needed for such large projects.

The safety and health of those involved in the project is very important, and there are laws and regulations for this, as well as training for all those involved.

On the basis of the documentation I have obtained for this project, I have presented in detail the scheduling, the scheduling basics as well as the scheduling on site. I have compiled and compared the practical knowledge gained from my studies and from my work in practice. Thus, the descriptive method and the comparative method are used to compare different sewerage systems in the theoretical work.
The empirical part of the thesis contains an example of an explorative case study based on the case of the correct selection of a sewerage system. For this case, I have carried out time and cost estimations for pressure and gravity sewers and an environmental impact assessment of the choice of sewage treatment plant.

The ARSO says that in recent years, more and more wastewater is being treated by secondary or tertiary treatment processes, while primary treatment processes alone are no longer in use.

Tertiary wastewater treatment processes were almost non-existent in Slovenia in 2000, but in 2019, 72% of wastewater or 113 million m3 of wastewater was treated using such processes. This means that the volume of wastewater treated by secondary treatment has increased by 150% since 2000.

The umbrella work carried out an extensive study on how the construction of sewerage and wastewater treatment plants can improve living conditions from an ecological point of view and improve quality of life.


Diploma paper Nasmir Hodžić


Diploma paper Nasmir Hodžić

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