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Construction & Civil Engineering

Študent: Dušan Lorbek

Dušan Lorbek is a graduate of the Construction & Civil Engineering study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in September 2022.


Diploma paper Dušan Lorbek

Wood is a natural material. In the building industry, it can be used as a construction element in both basic construction elements.Because of its vertical load-bearing capacity, it can be used as a column, and because of its horizontal load-bearing capacity, it can be used as a beam.

The biggest problem with wood in terms of its durability and resulting load-bearing capacity is posed by biological pests and exposure to moisture and dry air in a changing cycle.Its main advantage is its hardness compared to its light weight.

By drying it to its ideal relative humidity, we greatly increase the load-bearing capacity and service life of the wood. For the production of lamella beams we need high quality dry wood, the humidity of which must not exceed 15%.

Removing all its irregularities, we produce lamellas, which serve as a basis for the production of lamellas glued supports.Glued wood – glued and for us as a structural element of the support allows to bridge larger spans.

Through the production of glued laminated timber we preserve the basic properties of wood and we get a beautiful and durable product. In the production of glued laminated timber we are limited only by the technological process of gluing and the possibility of transport and assembly.

Concrete as a construction material has great strength, but low load-bearing capacity, which is greatly increased by the use of reinforcing steel, which gives reinforced concrete (SB). The history of reinforced concrete began in 1824.

Over the years, the production of reinforced concrete has been improved, by the addition of various additives, which are added before or during the elaboration. We divide them into three main groups: Chemicals, minerals and fibers.

Today, we produce concrete that achieves high strength and load-bearing capacity. With proper design of reinforced concrete structures, the shape of the element and the steel, large spans can be achieved with concrete. The advantage is its durability and recyclability.

Recycled concrete can be used as aggregate for a new concrete mix instead of natural agregate. With the increasing use of concreteBecause of its strength, load-bearing capacity and versatility, concrete is now widely used as the main structural element, which puts it at the top of the materials used today.

Currently, the trend is turning and wood is increasingly used as a construction material. Energy saving in the construction of passive buildings has contributed a lot to this, where the load-bearing elements must be as insulating as possible to meet the requirements of low-energy building standards.

Diploma paper Dušan Lorbek


Diploma paper Dušan Lorbek

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