Construction site organization and management of the construction documentation for an industrial plant

Construction & Civil Engineering

Študent: Damjan Ozmec

Damjan Ozmec is a graduate of the programme Construction & Civil Engineering at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in March 2021

The content of the thesis paper titled Construction site organization and management of construction documentation for an industrial plant portrays the link between theoretical regulatory requirements, the so-called binding obligations and the fulfillment of these requirements during construction site management.

The main purpose of the thesis paper was to create a useful project forthe construction site organization, to illustrate the role of the construction documentation management during the construction phases and, last but not least, to include the importance of the fulfillment of regulatory requirements in the construction process.

The aim of the diploma thesis was to demonstrate the importance of setting up a system for managing binding obligations, also know as known as compliance management, in the construction process, in which the investor and the appointed construction manager or site manager play the main role.

In view of the fact that the Slovenian legal system, which regulates the building processes directly and indirectly, is very extensive and detailed, I also examined the applicability of these regulations for the usage and maintenance the phases of the facilities.

The first part of the thesis contains basic data on the process in question. Then, on the basis of regulatory requirements, I checked the project documentation and the conditions for the construction of an industrial plant. Based on the theoretical knowledge from the previous chapter, I began with the creation of a project of the construction site organization, where I created a technical report, created a list of the workforce and the personnel structure on the construction site, of planned temporary facilities on the construction site, a list of services that prepared preparatory and final work and created a site plan of the construction site organization.

At the end of the thesis paper handles the management of the construction site documents. I have divided the construction documentation into sub-units, which have to be available at the start of construction. As part of the main topic entitled Potential of modern construction methods for continuous industry change, I presented how modern construction methods in combination with BIM create more efficient and reliable buildings and infrastructures.

In the chapter on the construction project in question, the possibilities of using methods in the area of modeling objects with BIM are presented and described. BIM models are not just used for creating a 3D model of a building, but also for processing data and creating information models.

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