Cryptocurrency usage in Slovenia

Accounting & Finance

Študent: Andreja Zemljič

Andreja Zemljič is a graduate of the Economics - Accounting module study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in August 2022.


Diploma paper Andreja Zemljič

In my diploma thesis, the topic of cryptocurrencies with research about the usage of cryptocurrencies in Slovenia is described.

The main reason for choosing this topic is my own interest and interest in this field. This paper is presented in detail, how cryptocurrencies are obtained, what blockchain technology means, what types of digital wallets exist and for which purposes are they used.

I compared the digital currency system with the money system and credit cards. I also wrote about types of cryptocurrencies and the most commonly used terms. Some popular cryptocurrencies are described. I studied the security and risk aspect of cryptocurrency trading.

The accounting aspect of the classification of cryptocurrencies and taxation in selected countries around the world and in Slovenia are also discussed.

The research is based on a survey about usage, trust, and knowledge of cryptocurrency. In topic changes in the workplace is described the possibility of including cryptocurrencies in the bank system and what the contribution would be.

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets, that are independent of the state and do not exist in physical form. They have extremely high volatility, which brings high profits and high losses. The entire system is decentralized, rendering them immune to government interference or manipulation.

It is based on trust. A bunch of individuals, who are equal to each other, validate the transactions. A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions. In the mining process, new coins are created and miners receive a reward for their work.

This process requires a huge amount of energy, which is used to power computer equipment. Crypto coins can be stored in various digital wallets, for it is crucial, that we do not forget access passwords, because in that case, we lose access to our funds permanently.

Digital wallets can be a target for thieves and cybercriminals. Making payments with cryptocurrencies is not difficult for the average user. The main difference is in the background of the transaction, where third parties are not involved as they are in credit card payments.

Taxation of cryptocurrencies varies from country to country. In some countries, cryptocurrencies are completely tax-free, which is a real oasis for crypto investors.

From the survey, I came to the conclusion that knowledge about usage and knowledge of trading with cryptocurrencies is quite good despite the fact, that payment with cryptocurrencies is not possible in many places.

Diploma paper Andreja Zemljič


Diploma paper Andreja Zemljič

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