Design and manufacture of a bottom bedder for the bedding of chicken farms

Mechanical Engineering

Študent: Klemen Podgoršek

Klemen Podgoršek is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in August 2023.


Diploma paper Klemen Podgoršek

In my thesis entitled “Design and Manufacture of a Scoop for chicken farm litter”, I focused on the development and manufacture of a scoop for chicken farm litter with shavings. I described the problem I faced throughout the thesis. And that problem is how to make it easier for myself to hand-spread.

In the thesis, we also have a presentation of the chicken farms in which the scoop will be used, and the procedures for preparing the house and rearing the poultry are also presented. The thesis contains descriptions of the technological processes used, which are essential for the design and manufacture of the scoop.

The description of the technological processes is followed by a brief description of the hydraulics and the hydraulic motor used in the manufacture and construction. The purpose, objectives, and main arguments of the thesis are described below.

I have given hypotheses, which I finally confirm or refute. I also describe the program I used to construct it.

In the remainder of the thesis, I discuss similar products that the market offers. I show different versions of these products and describe them. I also describe the workflow and the different types of applications. I show the different types of bedding and describe the shavings that will be used for scoop bedding.

So far I have been describing more general things. At this point, the thesis turns to the design and manufacture of the product.

In this chapter, I describe in detail the design process from idea to sketch, design, and final construction. I present the problems I encountered in the design process and show the timetable. This section is followed by a flow chart listing all the components and their analysis and a detailed description of the physical assembly of the chicken farm litter scoop and the manufacture of the necessary components.

Here I also list the problems that have arisen during the operational trials, explain how the problems have arisen, and present the various solutions to overcome them.

In the final part of the thesis, an analysis of the overall design is presented. In it, I present a time analysis, which presents the time that was spent to produce the graduation product, and a cost analysis, which shows us all the costs that were incurred during the path from design to production.

Also, in the last part of the thesis, I present the conclusion of the thesis in which I confirm or refute the hypotheses presented at the beginning of the thesis.


Diploma paper Klemen Podgoršek


Diploma paper Klemen Podgoršek

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