Developing a website with React

Web Production

Študent: Blaž Petek

Blaž Petek is a graduate of the Media Production programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in June 2021.


Thesis paper Blaž Petek

As a part of this thesis, we will get to know the basics of frontend and backend web development. Basics of every website are HTML, CSS and Javascript, so we will look at how these technologies work in more detail. We’ll also look at differences between three of the currently most popular Javascript frameworks; Angular, Vue and ReactJs. The latter is also the one that I’ve decided to use for this project, and so, it is also the one that is described in most detail.

ReactJs is a JavaScript package that is used to manage the view layer of web applications. It provides tools and architecture freedom for the user.

React is dependable because to its developed community and the support of larger companies. It is enables frontend developers to learn and use React faster than any other framework.

JavaScript and JSX are used to write React code. What is critical, though, is that the code is written declaratively. It means you define the end result rather than the commands on how to get there.

A component is a fundamental building part in React. It is what lets developers to reuse code and makes testing, scaling, and maintaining an application easier. Declarative code and components are the main characteristics of the React framework.

We will learn about all the steps of web development, from an idea, to design, and to a final product. We will learn about tools we can use for making website designs, compare most popular development frameworks, and write some code.

Today, ReactJS is chosen by most of the web developers. It is because it is offering a very rich JavaScript library. The JavaScript library provides more flexibility to the web developers to choose the way they want.

The ultimate goal of this thesis, is to make a fully functioning website, that suggests movies and TV shows to users, based on filters that they’ve chosen. The website itself is available at:

Thesis paper Blaž Petek


Thesis paper Blaž Petek

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