Development of Nest Kind Trademark


Študent: Tinkara Bukovnik

Tinkara Bukovnik is a graduate of the Economics - Commerce module study program at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in April 2023.


Diploma paper Tinkara Bukovnik

In the theoretical part of this paper, we first defined trademarks, the identity of a trademark, the benefits and role of a trademark from the viewpoint of its owner and consumer, and its role in general. We went on to describe the Nest Kind company.

The company sells organic cosmetic products, toys made from natural materials, organic supplements, care products, home accessories, and energy products. We described the characteristics of organic, natural and conventional cosmetic products. We then presented a number of certificates for organic natural cosmetic products.

We thought of three potential buyers and described their characteristics as well as a problem they are trying to overcome with the purchase. When it came to market segmentation, we wanted to determine the gender, age, income, and acquired education of the respondents to a survey in which they stated they would buy a Nest Kind product.

We briefly described marketing strategies, the role of strategic planning, and the planning process. In the empirical part, we presented two strategies using which the Nest Kind trademark could raise its visibility.

In the last chapter, we analyzed our research. In the first question section, we focused on purchasing habits of our respondents. We tried to determine how often they buy cosmetic products and how much they spend on cosmetic products every year.

We also wanted to find out what stores our respondents visit to buy cosmetic products and whether they prefer to go to a store in person or do online shopping, where they come across advertisements, and whether they believe that high-visibility trademark products are better. We also asked them how important they perceive the price, packaging, organic origin, trademark visibility, and product quality to be.

We tried to determine whether they use natural cosmetic products at all and what brands of natural cosmetic products they are familiar with. In the second question section, we asked how many of the respondents are familiar with the Nest Kind trademark, which of their products they would be willing to buy, and how much more money they are willing to pay for an organic product.

We highlighted three Nest Kind trademark products and asked about the respondents’ satisfaction with their prices and packaging. We wanted to determine whether the respondents would buy any of the products and why (not). Based on the findings of this research, we later tried to determine whether our hypothesis could be confirmed or refuted.


Diploma paper Tinkara Bukovnik


Diploma paper Tinkara Bukovnik

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