Different transitions between movie shots and their effect

Video Production

Študent: Mirjam Avguštin

Mirjam Avguštin is a graduate of the Media Production programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in June 2022.


Diploma paper Mirjam Avguštin

The thesis – Different transitions between film frames and their effect, deals with the topic of editing and its consequences. Editing can be used to skip over certain irrelevant passages of action in a film, the content of which the audience can fill in with their own intuition.

The thesis presents transitions used in different film genres.

The thesis includes a description of different film transitions and their most common form of use. Practical examples are also given to explain some of them. The thesis serves as a summary of the most common transitions in film editing.

The aim of the thesis is to find out whether the correct use of transitions is necessary for good editing, whether the use of transitions can be overdone, whether the right choice of transition can influence the viewer’s perception of time in a film, and whether imperceptible transitions give the viewer a sense of presence.

I was particularly interested in the sense of time, whether the transitions during the film are tactically placed to emphasise the passage of time, or whether they are placed more for visual effect. To discover the answers to these questions, I analysed the selected films.

The films represented different genres to see if there was a noticeable difference in the use of transitions depending on the genre. The films helped to learn about transitions and the analysis of the films helped me to see how transitions are used in concrete examples.

The experience of filming the Moon Knight series was also taken out of my personal life. On set, I focused on the filming process and the shots we wanted to get. And when reviewing the finished work, I evaluated how the shots were put together.

I found that each film used several different transitions, and related to this was the realisation that each transition could be used for different purposes and effects. The use of transitions is a creative element of the film where the filmmakers can leave their mark.

The claim that transitions can be overused is denied, as it is up to the audience to evaluate the film and they have different opinions.

Watch the shot clip from the Moon Knight series in the video below:

Diploma paper Mirjam Avguštin


Diploma paper Mirjam Avguštin

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