Digitalisation of the construction process from conceptual design to execution

Construction & Civil Engineering

Študent: Boštjan Fekonja

Boštjan Fekonja is a graduate of the Construction & Civil Engineering study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in July 2021.


Thesis paper Boštjan Fekonja

In my thesis I try to relate my work as much as possible to the digitalisation of the construction process, as I believe I have been working in this field for many years, since I started my career at Lumar IG.

I started to implement a digitalised offer in the company, which is linked to a drawing and calculation programme, and I encountered a number of problems.

In order to better understand these problems, I decided to investigate in my thesis whether it is possible to reduce the occurrence of errors through digitalisation, whether it is possible to introduce digitalisation in every part of the workflow and whether errors occur during the digitalisation processes themselves.

In order to better define the individual processes, I have decided to divide them into four sets: conceptual design, inventory and costing, bidding and implementation.

The decision to divide the individual processes in this way stems from my desire to focus on my work in the company and to improve it by producing a thesis.

The thesis will focus on three of the aforementioned strands, namely conceptual design, inventory and costing, and quotation.

In the thesis I will examine what the difference is in the inventory and costing if it is done by a human or if it is done by a programmed digital tool first, where the discrepancies occur and whether these discrepancies are large, and whether or not the errors are transferable between the different processes. I shall also identify where errors occur and why.

In the main part of the thesis, I describe and implement the whole process from conceptual design, inventory and costing to the production of the quotation and examine whether this way of working or process can be applied in each case.

At the end of each section, I compare the new way of working with the traditional way of working, where all the processes are carried out by an individual, and there does not have to be just one contractor, which is very common in practice and where the biggest discrepancies arise.

Above all, I am focusing on the impact of the human factor on this process.

Finally, there is a summary of the whole thesis and a concluding thought in which I summarise the key points once again and answer the main question of my thesis – whether the digitalisationof the process is possible in all cases of implementation.

Thesis paper Boštjan Fekonja


Thesis paper Boštjan Fekonja

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