Effective Design of the ALL IN Event Advertising – A Comparison of Strategies and Results

Graphic Design

Študent: Simon Hartman

Simon Hartman is a graduate of the Media Production programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in March 2024.


Diploma paper Simon Hartman

Advertising an event is a process of disseminating information about an upcoming event to attract visitors and generate interest and excitement. It plays a crucial role in reaching the target audience, increasing event awareness, and ensuring successful participation.

The first part of the thesis is theoretical, divided into the research method and idea generation for design. Under the research method, I included analyzing the target audience, market research, competition, styles, trends, and visual communication used in the field.

Through the method of document analysis, I could examine existing data found in written and electronic sources. Using the participant observation method, I observed the functioning and communication within a smaller dance group, gathering information about who I was designing for and the standards and expectations in the design field.

For idea generation, I employed mind mapping, the 6-3-5 method, SWOT analysis, and analogical thinking, connecting, and comparing their effectiveness and impact on further design. A significant emphasis was also placed on the impact of colors, exploring how they influence each other and the audience.

The second part is practical. It focuses on designing final products based on the organizers’ requirements and the findings from the previous chapters. First, I had to select an idea that emerged during the idea generation process. Designing final products began with sketching.

When it was completed, it got its shape using the digital program Adobe Illustrator. I described all the steps I took, explained the use of digital tools, and the effects of settings on the final product. After discussion with the organizer, certain aspects needed adjustments and corrections. The last step involved designing additional advertisements for various advertising media.

Through writing the diploma thesis, I realized that different methods of idea generation do not lead to identical results, but all are equally important for the development of the overall concept. In some cases, certain methods may be less emphasized, but without them, creating suitable advertising is not possible.

I have determined that colors, besides influencing the viewer’s mood and signaling actions, also trigger physiological reactions.

You can view the product at the following link:



Diploma paper Simon Hartman


Diploma paper Simon Hartman

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